LED trivision 30

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Model Number:


Mininum Order Quantity:

1 set



Supply Ability:

300 sets/month

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This product divides into two parts, Part A can show 3 advertising pictures once, Part B can show any languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian etc.),logo, weather and date. It suits for pub, supermarkets, shop windows, exhibition room. Outer covering is toughened glass and black color can suit any styles.

Prism width: 28mm
Power:110V/220V; 50Hz/60Hz; 40W
LED color: show three color (red/yellow/green)
LED resolution: 16×128 dots
Fitting part: power cable, CD, communication cable.
Picture size: 660mm×390mm
Frame size:865mm×625mm×80mm
Package size:970mm×690mm×120mm
Packing: carton
Gross/net weight: 17kg /14kg
Delivery: fully assembled
Pause time of pictures: around 10 seconds
Turning type: left to right