Small size trivision billboard

Product Details
Model Number:


Mininum Order Quantity:

1 set



Supply Ability:

300 set/month

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This product is applicable to such small-scale outdoor advertising medium as municipal engineering, air terminal, subway station, small and large supermarket and specialty store, and chain store etc. ( Frame Size: <4mX2m )


1. Main material: Special aluminum alloy, environmental protection type with advantages of firm, not easy to cause deformation, durable and not apt to rust.
2. Frame specification: 75mm (width) *2.5mm (alloy thickness)*90mm (machine thickness)
3. Width of triangular prism: 72mm, thickness 1.4mm-1.8mm
4. Weight: 15kg per square meter (AVERAGE)
5. Drive: Gear propulsion system .The drive is steadier and the turning is smoother.
6. Drive Axis: solid-core aluminum axis, the twisting force is strong and the drive is smooth.
7. Picture combination: the maximum height of triangular prism is 2m, and the length is not limited.
8. Picture gap: confirm according to the height of tri-vision billboard.
9. Pause time of picture: 3-4 seconds per picture (factory setting).
10. Picture displaying time: 3-4 seconds per picture (factory setting).
11. Tri-vision power supply:
Voltage: 220V/110V/24V/12V;
Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ;
Power: 6W.
12. Wind resistance capability: within Scale 6
13. Running life: Qualified installation will ensure normal service life over 10 years based on 15 hours each day.


Motor: Japanese Panasonic 6W stepping motor with good heat emission, low vibration, high performance and long service life.
Control system: Limit Switch is used for this product in our standard configuration. According to requirements, we can use Siemens control system.
Gear: Metal gears are wear resistant. Moreover, the Expansion and Contraction of mental gears is not so much, which can ensure the product works well even in Cold Siberia or Hot Sahara.