Revolving trivision billboard

Product Details
Model Number:


Mininum Order Quantity:

1 set



Supply Ability:

300 sets/month

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This product both inside and outside adopts waterproof and dust-proof material (LEXAN) design. With the turning of display in 360°re, whatever in any angles, people can see the pictures easily.  It suits for outdoor: business center, air port, outside of the big building.

Type: SMF-360
Prism width: 72mm
Motor: AC 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 15W (Panasonic)
Picture size: 1100mm (dia.) ×1750mm (height)
Spotlight: 75W×6pcs
Package size: depends on the products
Packing: wooden box
Gross/net weight: 200kg /180kg
Delivery: fully assembled
Pause time of pictures: 6~9 seconds
Turning type: 360°revolving
It will display 1 picture at every 60°